Web-enable your GradPro software.
Bring the power of your GradPro software to the Internet! Do you want to interact with your students over the web? Do your students want to see their final grades via the web? Introducing WebConnect for GradPro: web-server software specifically written to interact with your GradPro Student Information System.

Website Portal starting at $85/month

  • Students can use the internet to access transcript information, such as final course grades.
  • Students can check their account balance via the website.
  • Students can request to drop courses, add courses, or audit courses based on school policies.
  • Students can approve or reject financial aid packages electronically using the Internet.
  • Students and faculty can view their course calendar.
  • System authentication is configurable based on GradPro account information on file.
  • Control special access codes or passwords directly from within GradPro.
  • Post messages direct to a student that he/she will see when authenticated.
  • Fully customizable themes so your website branding can be maintained.

Use Your Server or Ours

  • WebConnect can run on your own WAMP/LAMP/MAMP server using Access or MySQL.
  • When running on our service, your data is periodically and automatically synchronized. Your sensitive data transferred using secure encryption.

Future Upgrades

This will depend a great deal on suggestions from GradPro users and administrators like yourself.
  • Send us your ideas and requests!
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